Mission & Aims

VUmc is one of the eight University Medical Centers in the Netherlands. With over 700 beds and 5.600 FTE it is one of the largest care and knowledge institutions in the Netherlands. Within VUmc, scientific research and patient care are based on five pivotal points, including patient care, training, educational programs and research, including Extramural and transmural  research. The latter  is organized within the EMGO+ Institute for Health and Care Research (EMGO+, www.emgo.nl), an interfaculty research institutes of VUmc and the VU University Amsterdam. Its mission is excellence in research in public and occupational health, primary care, rehabilitation and long-term care and combines inter-disciplinary applied research dealing with care and public health. The EMGO Institute is internationally leading in epidemiological methodology and longitudinal studies.

The Department of Epidemiology and the Department of General Practice and Elderly Care Medicine collaborate in diabetes research and have a joint research infrastructure in the Diabetes Research Center in Hoorn. Several long-term observational population and patients cohorts are ongoing, including the Diabetes Pearl, the Hoorn Study, and the Hoorn Diabetes Care System Cohort.



Relevant Publications

A selection of publications on modelling of complications of type 2 diabetes :

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