Mission & Aims

Catalyze is a market leader in obtaining funding for biomedical and healthcare innovations, as well as for projects in the related ICT, eHealth and big data fields. We help leading researchers and companies secure financing for ambitious R&D projects, from early stage pre-clinical research up to clinical stage development. In our strategy we combine subsidies, loans and venture capital, tailored to your plans and ambitions. Catalyze supports a variety of Life Sciences developments including, but not limited to, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare solutions. We have a strong passion for the latest technological innovations and our top consultants work with the best clients and projects in Europe and beyond.

Our focus

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor catalyze group logoCatalyze is proud to be part of the growing Life Sciences community. We are inspired by companies, researchers and entrepreneurs who want to make a true difference and continue to put their endless efforts in bringing new therapies, diagnostics and healthcare solutions to the clinic.

The development of new biomedical innovations is a complex process of many years. Next to the many technological challenges you face, the availability of financial resources has major impact on realizing the strategic objectives of your organization. This is where Catalyze can make a difference. We are your reliable partner to secure the funding to realize your goals, while you stay focused on your R&D program.

 At Catalyze we:

  • Define your funding strategy and advise you on the upcoming funding opportunities
  • Build strong commercial propositions to attract funding
  • Take on the full application process to secure non-dilutive funding through grant programs
  • Help attract government secured loans
  • Help attract venture capital investors
  • Offer project and grant management so you comply with requirements and obligations

Our network

Truly unique is our network of more than 900 reliable partners, which constitutes of companies, (academic) research organizations, medical hospitals, patient organizations and European Associations. Our network is ideally suited for consortium building. Catalyze will find you the appropriate partners who can help you succeed in your product development, and build the strongest partnerships to increase the chances of raising funding.

Our experience

 At Catalyze we have raised more than 400 million Euro in funding and a strong track record raising funding through, but not limited to, HORIZON2020, Eurostars, NIH, EuroTransBio, IMI, ERC, ERA-NET, EFRO, regional funds and patient organizations. Our team is also experienced in government secured loans, fiscal stimulus programs and raising financing through our investor relations.


Catalyze has joined forces with partners from ESCAPE-NET to succesfully achieve the major objectives of the project. As company specialized in attracting funds and with a unique network, Catalyze will be responsible in securing the future of the database of European Cohorts.

Additonally, the experienced project managers of Catalyze will be – together with project coordinator AMC – be responsible for the day-to-day management of the project; and will manage and maintain communication and dissemination activities.